Synthetic Oil Change Service

Synthetic Oil Change Service in Indianapolis

Similar to a regular oil change, the purpose is to drain all the old oil from your engine and replace it with fresh synthetic oil. At Eastgate CDJR, oil change services start at our certified service department. The technician will begin by looking at the fluid that is currently in the engine to see if it is discolored or gritty. This can indicate that the fluid is old and dirty, and needs to be changed. Next, he will remove the oil filter, drain the oil out of the engine and allow it to fill a container. The old synthetic oil and filter will be safely disposed of after the work is done. After the system is clean, new oil goes in to keep the engine lubricated and a new filter is put in place to keep the oil clean as you drive.

Why your Vehicle needs Oil Change Service

Oil is one of the key liquids that your vehicle needs to function, and synthetic oil in particular acts as a protectant against friction, weather conditions and other damage that can take a toll on the engine. Changing the oil ensures that there is enough to protect the engine and keep it from seizing up while you drive. Fresh synthetic oil also contains additives that can clean small engine components and boost the performance of the vehicle, keeping your fuel mileage optimal and reducing the emissions from your car. While synthetic oil does last longer than natural oil, it still needs to be replaced or it will evaporate, leaving the engine exposed to damage. This can be especially noticeable during the winter months in Indianapolis when cold weather can affect the engine. A lack of synthetic oil leaves your engine exposed to the damage freezing weather can bring. 

Why Choose Eastgate CDJR for Service?

At Eastgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we have a fully modern dealership equipped with everything you need to get quality repairs done on your vehicle and plenty of conveniences to help you enjoy waiting. Grab a free drink from our coffee bar, and settle into our comfortable Watch our flat-screen TVs and use our free WiFi, or take advantage of our complimentary loaner cars and shuttle service to go wherever In Indianapolis you need to get. Contact Eastgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today to book an appointment for your next synthetic oil change.

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