Should You Get the 2017 Dodge Challenger or Charger?

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Dodge Engine | Eastgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamBoth vehicles are cult classics made famous by films such as Deathproof, Bullitt, and Vanishing Point. With both vehicles ranking high in the “What’s Under the Hood?” section, the decision would have to come down to personal preference and somewhat of a tick-box exercise. Whether you should get the 2017 Dodge Challenger or 2017 Dodge Charger will boil down to the following.


What’s Under the Hood?

Yes, this is still a viable question although it does still a little room for opinion. This is where things may go a little pear shaped for the Charger, as the Challenger does boast more horsepower. Granted, the difference is 292 mph to the Charger and 305 mph to the Challenger, but horsepower isn’t everything. Both cars rumble with that telltale V6 engine so synonymous with both vehicles. Although the Challenger ups the ante with the horsepower, rumor has it that the Charger boasts a faster acceleration. Alright, this was the 2015 comparison but deserves another test.


Does It Still Look Intimidating?

The dilemma vehicle owners often face when buying a classic car in a new shape, is that they just don’t carry the same appeal. Some cars that lose their original intimidation include the Mazda RX7 and many of the new Jaguar models. They simply start adapting the shape of all the other cars on the road. With the Challenger, this is not the case. It still carries the brooding and intimidating grille that will make it tough for any road bully to challenge. Furthermore, the basic identifiers of the Challenger are still intact which makes it impressive to behold.


The Charger, long the favorite of the Dodge fans lets them down with the new look. It copped out and went “soft.” Everything in the design is simply too rounded, and it now looks like every other passenger car. There is simply nothing intimidating about the Charger anymore. In fact, it looks friendly. Even the Hellcat looks approachable and worse, easy to beat.


Will It Come Down to Price?

The top of the range option in the Charger category is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. The starting MSRP on this vehicle is $67,645. Added extras can run this total up even higher, but consumers know they have the best under the hood.


The top pick on the Challenger side is the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and its starting MSRP is $64,195. Once again, added extras can increase this total.


The Final Verdict

A few years ago the roles might have been reversed with the Charger taking pole position with reservations. But the Challenger brings meat to the table that is hard to ignore. Not only does it feature that impressive horsepower, it also still looks like a Challenger, not just another sedan. It oozes power and still has that intimidating glare. It purrs beautifully and epitomizes everything Dodge stands for. The final vote, therefore, has to go to the Challenger.


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