How to Choose the Right Jeep For You

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Jeep CompassYou want a reliable, versatile SUV, but you just aren’t sure where to start. For most potential car buyers, this is a relatable problem. However, it’s not so much which brand you want, as you’re well aware that Jeeps are among the best SUVs on the road. It’s more of a problem of which model to choose. If you’ve decided on a Jeep, but can’t make that final decision on which of their seven models suits you well, use this handy guide.

You’re an Off-Road Enthusiast

Off-road enthusiasts will definitely enjoy that every vehicle in the Jeep lineup has available four-wheel drive. Nevertheless, a true off-roader doesn’t necessarily need all the extras; just a vehicle that can tackle tough terrain with a modicum of effort. If that pertains to you, there’s no better choice than the Jeep Wrangler. This legendary off-roading machine comes fully equipped to handle anything you throw at it, including mud, gravel, snow, and even boulders.

From there, you’ll need to decide on whether you want two or four doors, as the Wrangler Unlimited gives you more room for friends or cargo. If luxury is what you want, the Sahara and Rubicon both offer opulent interior features that even luxury car owners would love. Also, remember that 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of Jeep, meaning you can get six limited edition models, which each have their own bit of charm.

You Don’t Need Excess

Jeeps often have the reputation of being rather large vehicles. If you’re not looking for some sort of leviathan Jeep, then opt for the Renegade. The newest addition to the Jeep lineup also happens to have the smallest stature, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It still provides room for five passengers and up to 50.8 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded. Plus, it’s got some killer looks, especially in comparison to the more traditional Jeep models. Buyers that want a car, but need a bit more space will love the Renegade. For off-roaders that also want to downsize, the Renegade Tomahawk includes standard four-wheel drive.

You Don’t Want to Break the Bank

While no Jeep model is exorbitantly priced, thrifty buyers still need an affordable option. The bargain-priced Jeep Patriot offers just such a choice. Starting at just $17,695, the Patriot is the perfect choice for a first-time buyer, student, or someone who just needs a reliable car for their commute. Unlike other competitors in the segment, the Patriot makes a concerted effort to stand out from the pack with bold, unmistakable styling. With its continuously variable transmission, the Patriot also gets up to 30 miles per gallon. For the aesthetically inclined, the Patriot comes in nine color choices including Deep Cherry Red, True Blue, and Eco Green. With all this for under $18,000, it’s definitely a steal.

While this guide doesn’t cover everything you need to know about Jeeps, it does give you a starting point to begin your search for your Jeep soul mate. Although with seven brilliant models, it’s doubtful you can make a wrong choice.


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