Conventional Oil Change Service

Conventional Oil Change Service in Indianapolis

One of the most important services for your vehicle is changing the oil regularly. Having this service performed by your dealer protects your warranty, and ensures that you will have many years of reliable service from your car or truck. Some things have changed over the years. Many modern cars and trucks have extended service intervals that can go 4,000 miles or more between oil changes. Here is where you need to be careful because with extended oil change intervals it is easy to forget to have this vital service performed.

Your owner’s manual is your best guide for knowing when to schedule this service, and your dealer will advise you when this is necessary. There is more to an oil change than most people realize. When you have your oil changed by your dealer, there are multiple inspection points that are performed. Dealer technicians will check everything from the tires, brakes, hoses and other vital components. Most reputable dealers will perform this inspection as a courtesy to protect you and your vehicle.  Many of the vital components of your vehicle can only be seen when the vehicle is on the lift.

What is the Best Oil to Use?

There are many choices, and your dealer service knows the correct type and grade of oil for your vehicle.  There are many varieties, and not using the correct type can cause serious damage. Some oils claim to have extended intervals, but you need to be careful. Your driving style, climate and even the type of fuel you use can make more frequent oil changes necessary. If you drive in hilly regions or use your vehicle for towing, this also makes more frequent oil changes necessary.

How much should an Oil Change Cost?

There are different types of oil change services, and the cost varies widely. A conventional oil change, including a premium filter and premium oil, will cost between $40.00 and $50.00. It may be possible to save a few dollars by going to a discount service center, but you may not receive all the services that a dealer will provide, including a multi-point inspection.

What about Synthetic Oils?

There are many claims regarding synthetic oils that can go for many thousands of miles more than conventional oils. Keep in mind that even synthetic oils can become contaminated with combustion by-products, moisture condensation, and minute particles that are part of normal wear inside your engine. All of these factors will reduce the lubricating properties of your oil, no matter what type. Regular oil changes, using a premium grade of a conventional oil is your best assurance of a healthy engine, and many years of trouble-free driving.

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