Comparing the Features of the RAM 1500 and 3500

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Blue Ram 1500 | Easgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Indianapolis, INTrucks play an important role in the automotive industry. They let drivers haul supplies and tow heavy loads even to remote places. Ram produces high-quality trucks that are regarded as some of the best on the market. There are several versions in the company’s lineup that give you the flexibility to choose exactly what you want your truck to do. If you are looking at a Ram truck, here is a comparison of the features of the Ram 1500 and 3500.

Performance Differences

The most significant difference between the 1500 and the 3500 is the power output. The 1500 is closer to the original design that Ram used for its trucks. Because of this, it is smaller and lighter than the other Ram truck models. Despite its design, the 1500 can handle payloads of up to 1,900 lbs. and tow up to 10,620 lbs. with its available options. That is more than enough to transport most midsized trailers or to carry a lot of work materials.

The 3500 is a refined version of the 1500, focusing on maximizing its size and power. Because it is bigger, it can support a larger and stronger power system. The 3500 can carry up to 6,720 lbs. or tow over 31,000 lbs. It is the better option when you need to haul large trailers or maximize your payload weight.

Size Differences

The 3500 is noticeably bigger than the 1500. It is designed to be a large workhorse compared to the 1500. An interesting side effect of this extra size is in its passenger area. The 3500 is roomier than the 1500 because of its larger cabin size. This can make traveling far more comfortable if you’re traveling long distances with passengers. The 1500, despite its smaller size, can still be very comfortable. However, it is designed to be smaller, lighter, and more efficient which may mean sacrificing some leg room.

Fuel and Price Differences

The biggest difference between the 1500 and the 3500 is the cost. Since the 3500 is designed with higher performance and luxury in mind, it is more expensive than the 1500. The 1500 also has more economical engine options available which make if more fuel efficient. Not only will you save on the starting cost, but you will also save on fuel costs over time.

Making a decision between the two depends on what you need. Both come with luxury options so you can get the same level of luxury. Both can tow impressively and handle most of your hauling challenges. However, the 1500 is the more economical choice. It is more fuel-efficient and its starting costs are lower. It is a good choice if you don’t need the extra power and size. The 3500 is the best choice if you need to maximize performance over the long term. The extra power can be great if you have a need for it. The extra size can be challenging during normal everyday driving, however, such as parking at the store or driving through tight areas.


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