5 Driving Behaviors to Avoid in Traffic

March 23rd, 2017 by

Stop Sign | Eastgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Indianapolis, INTraffic is something everyone deals with but it can often be incredibly dangerous. There are certain behaviors that should absolutely be avoided in order to keep not only you and your passengers safe but those around you on the road. Whether you’ve done some of these things or you’ve seen other drivers practicing poor driving habits, it’s important to know the kind of behaviors to avoid so that you don’t end up in a wreck.

Driving Tired

Sleepy driving can cause huge issues on the road. If you find yourself getting tired while on a long road trip, you’ll want to immediately figure out a way to wake yourself up. It may be a good idea to pull over to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, get some caffeine, or find a place to rest — better to spend an hour or two resting than to end up in a serious accident if you drift off or are unable to react quickly enough to road conditions.

Not Accounting for Weather

Different weather requires different driving styles, so you should make sure to check the radar before you drive so you can prepare for inclement or challenging conditions. Avoid speeding and hard turns during heavy rainfall as well as areas of standing water, and if it’s snowing, definitely go slow and don’t slam on the brakes — you may just end up sliding, which can lead to dangerous conditions. If it’s looking icky outside and you can avoid driving, it may just be better to stay inside and postpone your plans.


It can be really aggravating when the person before you is going slower than you’d like, but tailgating is incredibly dangerous. You won’t have enough time or space to react to sudden stops, so it’s better to go around or just adjust your speed so that you can give yourself more room. You definitely don’t want to tailgate semis — although drafting works for NASCAR and may give you slightly better fuel economy, truck drivers have a very limited vision range and may not be able to see you.

Forgetting Turn Signals

Turn signals are easy to forget, but if you don’t let those around you know you’re planning on changing directions, big accidents can happen! Make sure to use them whether you’re merging lanes, taking a turn off a highway, or navigating a four-way stop.

Driving Distracted

Phones are a bigger part of our every day life than ever before, but driving while texting or on the phone can have dire consequences. You can drift without realizing, speed up or slow down dangerously, or react too slowly to other vehicles or red lights. There are apps that can be used to block texts and calls until after you stop driving, and many vehicles now include SMS reading functions as well as hands free calling to help eliminate these distraction issues.

These six dangerous driving habits can cause major issues not only for you, but for those around you. Being safe while driving is very important, and avoiding these driving habits can help avoid accidents!


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