4 Highlights to Check Out in the 2017 Dodge Durango

December 8th, 2016 by

2017 Dodge Durango Eastgate Indianapolis INThe Durango is Dodge’s midsize SUV, a design that splits the difference between smaller and more maneuverable compact crossovers and the big full-size SUVs that still have a truck frame underneath the chassis. The 2017 model year has brought a few changes for the Durango, but even without them, the SUV still has a few things that separate it from the rest of the class.

Two Rows Are Standard

As a midsize crossover, the Durango can be a three-row SUV, but you can also choose to take out the last row in exchange for a larger storage space. Or at least that’s how it was until the 2017 model year. Starting with this model, you can still get a Durango with three rows, but now the base SXT model starts with only two rows and room for five passengers with the option to bump those numbers up to three rows and seven passengers. As a result, the base price of the SXT went down this year compared to the last. Still, three rows of remarkably spacious seats are standard on all the other trims.

A New Trim

The 2017 Durango has dropped one of its trims, the Limited, but in exchange it now has a new mid-tier trim: the GT. The GT adds several mechanical improvements over what the Limited offered, essentially making it a cheaper version of the top-tier Durango R/T. This means the GT comes with 20-inch wheels instead of the Limited’s 18 inches along with a dual exhaust system, but it also runs on the smaller and more efficient 3.6-liter V6 engine instead of the R/T’s 5.7-liter V8 HEMI.

Advanced Technology

The 2017 Dodge Durango proudly boasts that it has the most advanced technology you can find in a midsize SUV for under $30,000. Sure enough, the heart of the Durango’s technology systems is Uconnect, the system software on every Chrysler Group vehicle that car reviewers regard as one of the most intuitive and easy to use in the industry. Depending on the trim, you can get Uconnect 8.4 (8.4 being the screen size) with Navigation. This gives you 3D maps with detailed cityscapes as well as a five-year trial of SiriusXM’s Traffic and Travel Link.


Remember that 5.7-liter V8 engine? Because Dodge is bringing back the muscle car, and in the modern car market that means muscle SUVs as well. The V8 HEMI offers up to 360 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque, giving the Durango a top towing capacity of 7,400 pounds. Even the V6 engine is no slouch, and it can haul up to 6,200 pounds behind it. Both these numbers are more what you would expect from a truck instead of a midsize crossover.

The 2017 Dodge Durango is an extension of Dodge’s mission to bring muscle back to American vehicles, which you can see from the engine options and the new performance-based GT trim. However, Dodge is also charging forward, bringing in some of the best technology features available in its price range even as it develops some of the most powerful engines out there.


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