3 Museums in Indianapolis to Visit This Fall

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Children's Museum IndianapolisIndiana might not have the densest population within the Midwest, but there’s still plenty to do and plenty of museums to visit in Indianapolis and its surrounding suburbs. Whether you’re on your own, you’re with your friends, or you’re with your family, you’ll be sure to find something interesting in Indiana.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Located right in the center of town, at the corner of Meridian Street and 30th Street, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis teaches kids of all ages the importance of science, technology, and history. The exhibits cover things like dinosaur fossils, geological sciences, space exploration, and even a few artifacts left behind by Anne Frank. One exhibit is all about the power of shared stories to bind communities together and pass down traditions and history from one generation to the next. Standard admission is $22.50, or $18.50 for kids ages 2-17.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a long history, one that goes back to the original Indianapolis 500. Located within the main loop of the course, the Motor Speedway Museum started out a small collection housed indoors, but before long the collection grew so big that the two men who owned the collection, Anthony Hulman Jr. and Karl Kizer, knew they had to build a larger venue to hold everything they wanted to display.

In 1976, during the bicentennial celebrations, the new IMSM opened its doors. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids between 6-15, and ages 5 and under are free. A ticket lets you see race cars and other vehicles from just about every racing circuit, including motorcycles and world’s fastest vehicles. You can also visit the Auto Racing Hall of Fame to see some of the sport’s greatest names.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art

You can find the Indianapolis Museum of Art just off Michigan Road and just to the east of White River. The museum started out as a small group called the Art Association of Indianapolis, and it presented art exhibitions for the rest of the city. However, the group slowly grew in size, popularity, and funding, and in 1969 the group renamed itself to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, moving into the large manor on Michigan Road soon after.

The museum has several collections and rotating exhibitions, and it has pieces from just about every continent and period of thought. As such, no matter what your preferences are, you’re bound to find something to interest you in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Exploring the adjacent park is free, but if you want to see the museum’s collections you’ll need to pay $18 for an adult and $10 for each child between 6-17.

Indianapolis might make a name for itself in the world of sports, and while that extends to also hosting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, you can also visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to teach your younger kids about the world. After that, you can head to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and teach your older kids about art appreciation.



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